The magnitude of how much my grounding mat has helped my lupus & fibromyalgia is astounding! I'm definitely a believer!!! I won't be without one again...ever! Thank you Ken, for introducing me to this. It's been life changing for me...

  • Denise A
  • Jan 10

If you have never heard of this, look into it. I'm sleeping better and only been ten days!

  • Sandy M.
  • Nov 01, 2018

I was suffering with daily stress headaches. It had got to the point were I was taking 9 to 12 aspirin a day and going to massage therapy to relieve the tension in my back and neck. Within the first couple of nights on the grounding mats the headaches were gone! I began to sleep through the night and felt refreshed the next morning. I haven't had the need for any pain medication at all! The grounding mat is amazing! 

  • Roger Derkins
  • Oct 18, 2018